Chili Red

Here we go. Just three months ago I was thinking hard about life after graduation. I asked myself, “what do you want to do, Julia?” Then someone at once transient and life-changing rephrased the question to “what do you want to be?” While the search for an answer perhaps became all the more unattainable, the black hole that was Monday May 21st, the day after caps and gowns and commencement day speeches were all over began to take shape and color. I would drive around the USA, with a FIAT 500X, to share Libellula with people far and wide.

Now I’m on a train from NYC to DC, with boxes filled with brochures and a couple suitcases overloaded with EVOO. I’m ready but so not ready – when does maximized planning have an end? It would tomorrow, when we hit the road for our first stop – Greensboro, NC.

This blog will serve as a log of our stops, the people we meet, the things we learn. Follow along the ride as we zip across the country in our red 500X, brimming with Italian extra virgin olive oil.