Peaches in Greensboro

Greensboro was a hotbed of serendipity. Libellula was invited to the Greensboro Curb Farmers Market after meeting the manager at Slow Food Nations Denver just a week before. We attended among local quiche-makers, Israeli pasta artists, quinoa salad cooks… and many beautifully colorful eggs.

We met Italians who had been living in this nondescript town for years, a graphic designer from Venezuela, an aspiring hipster chef and even a little boy who created his own language: ‘talian.

Being a vendor at a farmers market makes me want to go to one more often. Free tastings, genuine relationship-building, fresh food, and most people there maintain common core values around food and environment.

A thoughtful tip to go to the best Italian restaurant in town – Osteria – prompted us to make one more stop before leaving. We met the chef and ended up talking for hours, from the food industry, its future and market trends to the general rise in interest in quality and socially-sourced food. Best conversation and espresso I’ve had in a long time.

The chef gave us Cedriata to drink, which prompted nostalgic memories of my Italian childhood and that delicious, sweetly refreshing yellow drink-in-a-glass.

Next stop: Asheville, NC. Onto the mountains!