Home to Table

Today was a day of reprieve and crickets. Asheville is filled with my favorite peaceful sound, crickets at night, which remind me of the countryside in Bologna.

Morning consisted of some good matcha, oat milk, and baked goods. We had a biscuit in the name and shape of a croissant, and it was delicious. Crispy, bready, savory, oh my!

Driving around the North Carolina mountains in the rain is quite special. We tried to access the gates to the exclusive Biltmore villa, to gift a bottle of olive oil, but ended up driving back with a no, and an intent to drive around the mountains aimlessly to look for a look-out point.

The day ended with some door-to-door EVOO pitches, but most of all with Rhubarb, a fresh farm to table restaurant with simple, lean and homey meals. We opted for Sunday Supper, a $36 full-course meal that included rice-stuffed peppers with mustard, goat cheese and apricot jam crostini, snapper with watermelon and a mouth-watering shortcake with apricot, plum, and berry compote. Their values are perfectly aligned with Libellula’s. And I honestly think their meals could have been that more augmented with a drizzle of golden extra virgin olive oil.

Next stop: Nashville!