Golden Spot

I’m in love with the neighborhood vibe of Nashville. The coolest spots in town are far from downtown and in places you would never imagine to wander: behind train tracks, next to a suburban house, tucked away from a highway. These hubs become attractions in their own right. Yes, you need a car to access them, but the spaciousness of the city paired with its ease of travel make the journey peaceful, and the destination exciting.

We started with an olive oil tasting at WeWork One Nashville Place, and met wonderfully warm people that confirmed our analysis of friendliness in TN. That was followed by some restaurant hopping, when we shared Libellula EVOO and our story. Most of the places we drove to were new or recently opened, which shows that Nashville is evolving and changing right now. Did I mention how much I loved the industrial and modern architecture paired with old brick and box-like walls? The light is golden at dusk, and the air is just humid enough. The houses are modest, small and colorful but non-discrepit.

Another night, another delicious pizza. Perhaps we need some barbecue tomorrow. However we did get a good share of good ol’ Honky Tonk at American Legion! Watching great souls dance on the dance floor to country tunes was just what I needed to leave Nashville with the intent of coming back.