Dallas Warmth

Today was mostly spent in our hot red FIAT 500X, driving down from St. Louis to Dallas. What was a 10 hour drive felt like 5. That’s what you get for great friends and deep road trip conversation!

My friend Nicole, who kicked off the first week of the road trip with me, is headed back to DC, and I’m staying with a Smith alumna in Dallas. I was just expecting a warm bed and conversation, and I was given a warm Italian meal at Lucia in the “hippest” city neighborhood, a tour of downtown, the cutest smothering dogs, and tips and connections for Libellula. Their daughter is set on going to Rome for university, and I’m thrilled to reciprocate the feeling of home and guiding advice when she moves there next year.

Nothing more to report right now other than that I’m ready for some deep dreamy sleep!

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