Southern Humor

Before leaving Dallas I wrapped up some work at Ascension, a local coffee joint that treats its beverage menu like a chemistry experiment, except they have the conceptions down to perfection: low acidity is one thing I took away from the owner, who used to be in the fashion world and a frequent traveler to Italy. Needless to say, the coffee truly was delicious.

The drive over to Austin was hot in my red hot chili car, and the arrival was greeted just as warmly by a family friend from Milano. We immediately left the house to experience Esther’s Follies, a renowned Texan comedic and magical performance filled with musical performances and political satire. One of the acts divided the map of Texas into 5 sections, highlighting the stereotypes of each area and providing me with some local insight. We ended the evening on a rooftop at University of Texas, where a visiting cohort of entrepreneurs from Africa were hosting a celebratory go-away party. The music didn’t work, but the skyline and moon were enough entertainment for me!