Under the Texan Sun

The first thing I crave to do in a new city is check out the local coffee scene. And so I did, at Mañana in South Congress. The coffee was pretty acidic, but I was happy to finally have my dose of oat milk!

We later drove to Wimberly, an artistic town south of Austin, for a short Libellula pop-up at a store called Libelula, the spanish word for dragonfly. I love listening to stories behind other people’s businesses, especially when there is a strong emotional element. Relationship-building and supporting one another’s businesses becomes so much more powerful when there is strong purpose and meaning behind the business on both ends.

Who knew Texas had some beautiful hill-country? Trattoria Tunisia is an Italian restaurant tucked between vineyards and trees, slightly reminiscent of the Tuscan countryside. We had wine outdoors overlooking the acres of vineyards, and an Italian-American meal indoors in the veranda. Driving away at dusk transported me to Italy, when the sky takes on a pale blue-gold tint, and the green of the trees turns silvery. Surely a popular place for a weekend getaway.