Oat Milk

I love oat milk. I found it today. At the first ever Whole Foods. I would buy it except I’m on the road… now that I think about it I may go for it anyway. I could eat granola and oat milk all day. Never again will I be let down when the coffee shop doesn’t use oat milk. There I go, ordering coffee with no milk and taking out my own personal supply. Independent woman.

Despite my trip to Whole Foods and a couple interesting encounters with their famous “tasters” that operate behind-the-scenes, I managed to smooth out the next couple stops of the road trip at Houndstooth Coffee. 

The day ended well at a downtown WeWork olive oil tasting. I always meet great people at the WeWork events. Today I spoke with a guy from Palestine who has sent olive oil from his own olive trees. He offered me a taste, and it reminded me of sesame it was so nutty. It lacked any of the complexity or fruitiness that I’m used to. But I loved listening to his story, the foods he enjoys pairing it with, and feeling his passion for a product so closely tied to his culture like Libellula.