I’m three days into my week in Austin, and I’m finally starting to appreciate the city for what it is. Admittedly its stark uniqueness (open-air roadside restaurants, breakfast tacos… did I mention the 100 degree weather?) didn’t win me over at first. I have nothing against tacos for breakfast, so perhaps it was that my first impression of Austin was 6th Street, a wide stretch of bars that come alive only at night. My favorite neighborhood so far? South Congress, of course. Surprised? If you’re familiar with Austin it seems it could compare to the Brooklyn of NYC: good coffee shops, residential, walkable, livable, breathable.

Houston was initially in the cards for today, but a small change in plans led me to spend the day working in Austin. Sorry to have missed you this time Houston!

Is it me or the genuine friendliness here is on another level? Everywhere I go I feel like I make a new friend. Yesterday at the grocery store, today at the coffee shop, where next tomorrow? By the way, if you’re looking for good coffee in Austin, so far my favorite has been Seventh Flag Coffee. If you’re looking for food with your daily cappooocceeno you can go to their food truck neighbors on the right for ravioli or a delicious lentil, pear and gorgonzola salad.

In important news, I found a place to embroider Libellula on my jean skirt.

For dinner to take home to family friend, I found a place called Loro (yes, I was drawn to it because of its Italian name!). Thai-style barbecue with coconut rice, a fun wooden and hammock-filled outdoor space and communal tables. Next-up: Texan barbecue!!

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