Lady Bird Lake

I finally witnessed the Austin bats crawl out from under the South Congress Bridge at dusk. The anticipation is almost a scene on its own: swarms of people line the bridge and the banks of Lady Bird Lake to wait for the bat show. Now I know why Austin has so few mosquitos!

We walked along a running trail as we made our way to the bridge. There one if not the largest bat colony awaits for just-cool-enough weather to begin its journey in search for dinner. It was beautiful to see the city at this time of day, from the park overlooking the skyline. City Hall is an angular modern building with large square glass windows that overlook the lake.

Before our evening of bat-watching I hosted another fun event at WeWork Barton Springs, a new location that fills the entire building. The community space has large glass windows that overlook downtown Austin. Provably my favorite location yet (and it’s close to Barton Spring Pool for a post-work swim). Rating Austin high on the meter for quality of life!

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