Orange Gate Bridge

Today is the day for the alumnae tea and olive oil tasting in the hills north of San Francisco. We met in the living room of a recent alumna and learned about one another’s lives, from work to family to travel, finding that our paths looked all so different and all so fascinating, while sharing experiences from our time at Smith. There may be little that bonds so much as a shared experience.

On my way to the event I had the privilege of driving over the Golden Gate Bridge, majestically covered by the thick fog. Did you know that the bridge is actually painted orange and not red? The eye can deceive!

My idea of a perfect ending to the day is time spent deep in thought (or lost in thought) at a bookstore. And I did exactly that at my favorite one: City Lights in the Italian neighborhood of SF. I left with a book by Milan Kundera, but only after I narrowed down from the ten others I wanted to magically fit in my suitcase.

Oh! Another perfect ending to the day? A neapolitan pizza.

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