La Scuola

I look back to my days in elementary school with nostalgia. I was living in Milano at the time, in a small, familiar neighborhood I had always thought of as home. I already knew the city by heart, and one of the events I most looked forward to was going to the local ‘cartoleria’ with a carefully curated list by our teacher which included the exact amount of squared and lined textbooks, colored textbook covers, pencils, blue and red pens, agenda… and if you were lucky you’d have a new backpack and pencil case to be adorned by everyone’s personal signature.

This is all to explain why I was so excited to host an olive oil tasting at one of two Italian-American full-immersion schools in the United States: La Scuola in San Francisco. I met parents and children on the opening day of classes, by the school’s playground. Italian and English were being spoken all around. The dream I share with my father, to use Libellula as an educational and cultural tool, just came to life.

Buona scuola ragazzi!