Beach and Burrito

I ate the best breakfast burrito in my life today. By the beach. On the sand. And then we dove into the ocean for a post-brunch swim. Not sure how people do work in San Diego… I’d be outside all day swimming, playing, eating, laughing. We walked up and down the boardwalk before getting ready for the final trip of the week: Los Angeles.

When we arrived in LA this evening we met with our friends Richelle and Adam for a Mexican dinner and then crashed from a full week of breathtaking travel.

Golden State

Sedona when it’s cloudy is beautiful (the red contrast against the grey sky makes my eyes water from the beauty) but Sedona when the sky is blue is even more spectacular. We took our time to leave this morning, and then headed westward towards San Diego. We arrived in California by sunset, a gorgeous full and deep yellow sun welcoming us to the west coast. This symbolized the coast-to-coast… to think we were in DC just a few weeks ago!

We ended the day with a dinner and olive oil tasting with alumnae from Smith College. I found a new love: olive oil with fresh figs.


Leaving Santa Fe was hard, but the excitement of seeing Arizona was a great motivator. The landscape along the highway was like anything I’d ever seen: flat and then rocky mountains dotted with green bushes. When we finally arrived in Sedona we drove around the town for another hour, admiring nature in all its glory even on a gloomy day. We had dinner at a restaurant overlooking one of the mountains, and felt the vortex rise up through our feet and into our legs. The most pleasant dizzying experience. Next time I return it will be for a hike!

Sunset Hike

The day started with a trip to the farmers market: tomatoes, potatoes, peaches, oh my! Probably one of the best farmers markets in the country. We made our way to Modern General for a lunch olive oil tasting, and then had very cheesy New Mexican food at a place called Maria’s. To experience Santa Fe from another perspective we ventured out on a modest hike just before sunset. The colors of the sun are a deep orange/red I’ve never seen anywhere else. Perhaps each city has a sunset that makes it unique. If that’s the case, Santa Fe’s is one of the most beautiful!


We started the day as one should in Santa Fe: morning yoga and jog, coffee and a book, a shower, a fascinating conversation. Once we fully recovered from our 10-hour road trip we headed downtown to experience Meow Wolf, a museum with a desire to make you feel on psychedelics: each room transports you to another world, but we left wondering what the purpose of it all was, and were not entirely impressed. The burrito bowl we had from a food truck beforehand was delicious though.

Georgia O’Keeffe’s museum on the other hand was spectacular. We walked around each room and looked at the variety of work she did throughout the years. My favorites are those set in Santa Fe, with the colors of the landscape setting the scene.

A couple olive oil tastings ended the day: the first at a tea room called Opuntia, outdoors among plants and interesting people. The second at Paloma, a fabulous new Mexican restaurant. We ate delicious ceviche and tacos, followed by a dessert of tomatillo sorbetto, almonds, and a drizzle of Libellula EVOO.