Wine Country

Ciao for now LA! We’re on the road again. This time driving along the coast rather than towards it. Our FIAT 500X is re-stocked with Libellula EVOO, and we’re ready for the next adventure. We took our time but decided to go straight towards the Bay Area, with a stop in Los Olivos, a small town just north of Santa Barbara dotted with wineries and wine shops. Epiphany was our choice for the day, where we tried two white wines, one delicate and one robust. We had a Mexican dinner in Salinas right before landing in Cupertino. It feels good to be back in the Bay Area!

Grapes of LA

Busy bees today. We had a lunch tasting at WeWork nearby the new Eataly in Century City. Lunch at the local Urth Cafe and then a stop at Pour Haus, a wine shop and study spot in one. By the way, I love the idea of combining wine and work, rather than coffee. I do sometimes prefer to combine an aperitivo with my emails! On our way we spotted a film crew filming an advert for a slick new blue car.

This evening we had a lovely dinner and EVOO tasting with alumnae from all over the US, now based in LA. It was warm and familiar, and the charcuterie board delicious along with our olive oil. So many great connections and insights. Another beautiful home and another insider view into an alumna’s life post-grad. Grazie Dana!


Oh Melrose, how pristine you are! We spent a pretty fabulous Monday, beginning with a lunch tasting and ending with a walk around Melrose Blvd. It’s been a while since I’ve experienced walking into picture-perfect stores that entice you to buy pretty things! Window shopping is a sport because you need to sustain a level of intellectual strength to not reach into your wallet. But we did enjoy making up our faces with Glossier samples and smelling delicious thanks to Le Labo. And a little sugar rush at the local bakery capped our materialistic cravings.

Venice 2.0

Another beach day, another walk on sandy terrain, another adventure around crazy spunky Venice. We took an easy day before Sophia left this leg of the journey. A couple lost wanderings into graffiti’d and gritty alleys and a delicious LA appropriate avo toast with a poached egg and feta. Another perfect blue sky and blissful weather to conclude this memorable week.

Scooter & Chill

Today I was introduced to a new method of payed transportation: scooters. Bird and Lime scooters are all over LA, and sometimes even in your way as you walk around them on the sidewalk. They are a pretty fun method of traveling around the city, especially when the distance isn’t long enough to justify four-wheel transport. We raced along Venice Beach in tandem, bumps in the road and leaves from trees in our faces. A tad unsafe but oh so exhilarating. I vote for simulated flying as the next urban transportation method. Anyone?

Apart from racing across LA we caught up on work at a beachside cafe called Great White. Whisker-licking scrambled eggs.